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I am Greg Krauska, Change Agent. I am a Management Consultant who helps clients create new market space, exceptional customer experiences through all ethical means possible.

My 24 year professional career includes over 20 years of sales, marketing and strategic alliance leadership experience.

I am President of the Change Agent Group, Inc. Clients tell me that I am an energetic, creative and passionate consultant, facilitator, speaker, coach and teacher.

I am a Blue Ocean Strategy consultant. I have completed the Blue Ocean Strategy Course Certification administered by the Blue Ocean Strategy Initiative Center (BOSIC), directed by Blue Ocean Strategy authors Chan and Mauborgne.

I work with global industry leaders in software, technology, hospitality, manufacturing, communications and other segments. I have managed strategic alliances in the high tech arena between software, hardware and consulting organizations. I also invest my innovation and energy to help non-profit and public sector organizations to increase their impact.

I am particularly active in Rotary to help Rotary clubs develop their strategic vision, to grow and retain members and to make it easy for new generations to experience the profound gift of giving back. Increase impact for less effort and cost!

I am also a ShelterBox Ambassador. Learn more about ShelterBox at .

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